3.4 oz. Gran Prix: Multifunctional Gasoline Additive (12 bottles/pkg)

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: 1 bottle
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Gran Prix™ is a super convenient multifunctional gasoline additive, specially formulated to maximize both performance and fuel economy. Enjoy the extra horsepower or increased fuel economy.
Gran Prix™ will allow your fleet to save operating costs by reduce emissions, including fuel economy and providing cleaner running equipment.

Gran Prix™ will increase combustion efficiency by reducing fouling and corrosion thereby improving heat transfer, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing interruptions of equipmerrt operations.


Gran Prix™ treats your vehicle’s fuel intake system by removing deposits from intake manifolds, intake valves, and injection nozzles.

Gran Prix™ also dissolves and removes combustion chamber deposits and prevents corrosion in fuel tanks, fuel lines, and carburetors.

Gran Prix™ has been formulated to safely work with other commonly used fuel additives and engine and fuel system materials to provide the following key benefits:

  • Deep clean your engine from the inside
  • Save money on fuel
  • Reduce friction between moving metal parts
  • Prevent future deposit build-up
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