About Cestoil


For over 20 years, we’ve provided leading products and services that have delivered bottom line results for our clients in the refining, petrochemical, and automobile industries.

We believe in “Better Chemistry, Better Life.” Cestoil delivers unparalleled solutions by linking cutting-edge chemical platforms and solutions to the needs and opportunities of our customers.

Who Cestoil Is

Who We Are

As a primary manufacturing company dedicated to the chemical and energy industries, Cestoil maintains a strong commitment to helping our customers comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations while improving the flexibility, safety, and profitability of their processes. We also provide customers with a wide variety of products and ideas for improving fuel formulations, including many unique chemical additives that can greatly improve fuel quality and usability.

State-of-the-Art Plant

Cestoil’s flagship 66600 square meters (716,876 square foot) manufacturing plant is highly automated and certified for various industrial processes, including:

  • Alkylation
  • Amidation
  • Toll Blending (Solid/Liquid)
  • Condensation
  • Distillation
  • Drying
  • Epoxidation
  • Esterification
  • Ethoxylation
  • Hydrogenation
  • Isomerisation
  • Low Temperature Reactions
  • Neutralization
  • Nitration
  • Oxidation
  • Phosphatation
  • Polymerization
  • Propoxylation
  • Quaternization
  • Reduction
  • Rectification
  • Sulphation
  • Sulphonation
  • Washing

Cestoil Chemical Executive Management Team

Samuel L. Xiong
President and CEO

Samuel Xiong brings 23 years of experience in the process and fuel additive industry to his role as CEO of Cestoil Chemical. He oversees the strategic direction and continual development of the Cestoil Group and its worldwide offices. In his time at Cestoil, Samuel has managed annual revenue increases averaging 40%, and has been instrumental in building and promoting long-term business relationships with chemical suppliers, refineries, and petroleum plants worldwide.

Chemistry Innovation Center

R&D Innovation Center

Cestoil continually expands our product lines and strengthens our reputation with ongoing research and development activities conducted by a brilliant team of top scientists.

Dr. Bin Yan

Research Director

IQT Cetane Machine

Advanced Engine Technology

Low Temperature Laboratory

PCL Programmed Cold Room

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