ST3425 Groud Fuel Antistatic Additives


NorthShore ST3425 is a very effective ashless additive that increases the electrical conductivity of petroleum distillates. It is designed to reduce the electrostatic hazards associated with the handling of fuels and other hydrocarbons that otherwise have low electrical conductivity.

NorthShore ST3425 fuel conductivity additive increases the safe dissipation of electrostatic charges through the liquid hydrocarbon. This reduces the accumulation of hazardous surface charges. The use of this additive does not lessen the need to follow accepted safety practices, including bonding, grounding, and flow control.

Most distillate fuels and hydrocarbon solvents have relatively low conductivity. Treatment and transfer operations cause charge separation of ionizable components in voltages even within properly grounded equipment. If the surface voltage exceeds a critical value, an incendiary electrical discharge can occur, resulting in an explosive fire if the vapour phase is a flammable mixture.

NorthShore ST3425 is not suitable for use in aviation fuels.

Typical Physical Properties

Density, kg/l @ 20°C 0.88
Pour Point, °C >=5
Flash Point, °C <=-15
Viscosity,cSt@400C 2-6


NorthShore ST3425 is recommended for use at a treat rate ranging from 0.5 to 5 ppm.

Handling and Storage

NorthShore ST3425 is compatible with other commonly used fuel additives and with engine and fuel system materials.

Delivery in 200 liter and 20 liter one-way drums.

Always consult the Cestoil Safety Data Sheet for safety information before using the product.

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