Reasons for Using Calcium / Iron Removers

Cestoil’s calcium/iron remover is a type of organometallic compound used to remove calcium in crude oil. It is often added to the electric desalination unit along with a demulsifier to remove most of the metallic calcium and its compounds.

Calcium in crude oil takes two forms: inorganic salts and organic salts. Inorganic salts are soluble in water so they can be separated by dehydration. Organic salts, such as naphthenate and phenate, are oil-soluble compounds which will form a layer of oil and water emulsion in the electric desalination unit. This layer of emulsion can cause equipment fouling and catalyst contamination, so a calcium/iron remover is required to solve the problem.

Our calcium/ iron remover CC827494 is only water soluble, which can minimize the acid content in the crude. Further, its decalcified chelate components are soluble in water and can be separated easily.

Typical Physical Properties

Density, kg/l@20C 1.05-1.3
Corrosion rate mm/a, 20#carbon steel <=1.0
Solubility Dissolve in waters


Cestoil’s engineers will comprehensively evaluate the fuel status and the user‘s needs, then give customers an optimized recommended treat rate.

Handling and Storage

Before handling, storage or use, see Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.

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